Dr Drew says he thinks ‘something’s not right’ with Beto O’Rourke as weird ‘wax my a**, scrub my balls’ poem, written by the Democratic presidential hopeful when he was a teen, emerges

Dr Drew Pinsky has said that he thinks ‘something’s not right’ with Beto O’Rourke.

The Celebrity Rehab host shared his ‘gut’ feeling with Fox Nation host Brian Kilmeade on Friday, after listening to a portion of Democratic presidential nomination candidate O’Rourke.

‘I thought that was Tony Robbins,’ Pinsky said of O’Rourke’s exuberant affect in the video. Robbins is a motivational speaker.

‘I’m just saying, there’s something gonna go down there. I can feel it coming. I don’t know what it is… There’s something not right,’ Pinsky continued.

‘What are you picking up?’ Kilmeade pressed Pinsky, who is an internist and addiction medicine specialist.

‘Something in my gut. I’m not sure yet,’ Pinsky said. ‘I haven’t really examined it carefully enough. I just can tell there’s a disconnect between what people think they’re seeing and what’s there. That’s where I’m at.’

O’Rourke’s campaign launch video, a three-minute clip released on Thursday, featured him energetically waving his right arm as his wife sat silently on the couch next to him clinging to his left arm.

President Donald Trump criticized O’Rourke after watching a subsequent appearance in Iowa on the news.

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