Admit gang knife crime is a black issue, says former Equality Commission chief Trevor Phillips

Gang violence will be reduced only if the Government admits it largely affects black people, the former race watchdog chief has said.

Trevor Phillips is calling for ministers to discuss why a worryingly large number of violent crimes are committed by black teens on other black youngsters.

It comes after a series of stabbings in London and Birmingham in the past week involving a large proportion of black youths.

Mr Phillips, pictured, has accused politicians and the police of not acknowledging race, and the BBC of ‘whitewashing the truth’.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Mr Phillips said: ‘Evidence shows that the wave of killings and maiming are assassinations of black children by black children, often directed by adult drug dealers. Yet, to read our newspapers and listen to our media you would imagine that race played no part at all. The BBC in particular is guilty of whitewashing the truth.’

The former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission added: ‘The daily parade of dark faces in items about knife crime tell their own story.’

Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield’s report into childhood violence and vulnerability yesterday said 27,000 children under 19 identified as gang members.

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