Heavens above! Photographer captures the magic of the Northern Lights – including one image shot from a PLANE WINDOW

This incredible photo shows why you might want to pay more attention to what’s happening outside your window than on your TV screen next time you fly.

Award-winning Norwegian photographer Espen Bergersen, 38, was flying over northern Norway when he suddenly noticed bright lights dancing in the dark night sky.

To capture the elusive Aurora Borealis, Espen told MailOnline Travel used his jacket to cover the window to prevent glare from cabin lights and he held his breath to stop dew from forming on the glass.

Thanks to his efforts, he managed to get an exceedingly clear image of the rare phenomena from his plane seat.

He explained: ‘I was sweating like a pig. Photographing the aurora from a plane can for sure be hard work!

‘I’m sure the stewardess was wondering what the hell the passenger hiding under a jacket was doing.’

In Espen’s plane photographs, you can clearly see the Northern Lights shining over a frozen landscape with lights from small towns shimmering down below.

In the distance you can see dramatic peaks forming part of the Lofoten archipelago.

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