Frequent flyer films himself in the SHOWER as he travels in first class on an Emirates A380 – where caviar can also be ordered as a snack

This video really does offer a window into the high life!

Private pilot and vlogger Stefan Drury filmed himself after being upgraded to first class on a Emirates A380 flight from Singapore to Melbourne, with the journey totalling seven hours and 25 minutes.

During his video, the frequent flyer reveals how there is caviar listed as an appetiser on the food menu and a large spa-like shower, which he proceeds to lather up in.

The shower room, which is a lavish feature on Emirates first class, is seen with a toilet and sink area, complete with a large illuminated mirror.

At the press of a button, Stefan turns the shower on. It appears to have a good amount of pressure as he washes and rinses away.

Along with the on-off button, there is another light up display indicating how much time is left. In the Emirates first class bathroom, you can spend 30 minutes using the room but there is only five minutes’ worth of hot water.There are two showers to serve 14 passengers.

So, how much does it cost for this privilege?

MailOnline Travel conducted a quick search and found that a return journey from Melbourne to Singapore averages around £4,700.

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