Logie Awards ‘FIX’ scandal: Fans living overseas are ‘voting for their favourite TV stars using their relatives’ home addresses’ – despite the rule that they must be Australian residents

The Logie Awards has its share of critics, with industry experts claiming it is simply a glorified personality contest that doesn’t reward actual talent or ingenuity.

And Australian TV’s night of nights took another blow this week, when it emerged there may be a ‘loophole’ that allows people to vote from overseas.

At present, there is a rule which states that only Australian residents can vote for their favourite stars and programs – but people have found a way around this.

As reported by TV Tonight on Wednesday, Australians living overseas are able to cast votes by registering using the addresses of their relatives back home.

Online voting for the 61st Logie Awards is open to ‘Australian residents only’ and requires fans to enter their title, name, address, suburb, state, postcode, email, telephone, sex, age and date of birth.

A how-to guide to this voting ‘loophole’ has already been circulated on social media, with one person sharing their successful submission ‘from the UK’.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford said that Logies organisers should take action against overseas voters using ‘geo-block’ technology.

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