Windows 10 users frustrated by automatic updates that restart their computer ‘unexpectedly,’ study finds

If you’re frustrated by automatic updates on your Windows PC, you’re not the only one.

A new study has found that a sizable number of Windows 10 Home Edition users have witnessed their computer ‘restart unexpectedly’ at the time of a software update.

Windows users have long complained about Microsoft’s forced updates feature, as it has led to many losing unsaved work, or the updates take too long to complete.

For Microsoft’s part, the firm has introduced additional features that give users control over when the updates take place.

They’ve also added more prominent notifications warning users of an upcoming update.

But a study conducted by researchers from University College London details how those improvements may not be enough.

Researchers surveyed 93 Windows 10 Home users to gauge their opinions on the software’s update process.

Many users continue to view Windows’ update system as being ‘too complicated,’ according to ZDNet.

Microsoft releases major Windows 10 updates twice a year, as well as some minor updates every month.

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