Holidaymakers could soon take to the skies aboard jets powered by scraps of wood, Chinese scientists claim – but will it REALLY help the environment

Holiday makers may soon be flying abroad on jets powered by scraps of wood, according to new research.

A green fuel that converts plant waste from farm and timber harvests into aviation fuel has been developed by scientists.

They say it could help combat climate change by reducing CO² emissions from aircraft and rockets.

The gas is made from cellulose – one of the most abundant biological substances on the planet.

It forms the main part of the cell walls of plants, keeping them stiff and strong.

Professor Ning Li, of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in China, said: ‘Our biofuel is important for mitigating CO2 emissions because it is derived from biomass.

‘It has higher density, or volumetric heat values, compared with conventional aviation fuels.

‘As we know, the utilisation of high density aviation fuel can significantly increase the range and payload of aircraft without changing the volume of oil in the tank.’

The fuel would be cheap and sustainable as cellulose is a highly abundant polymer. This is a string of molecules that gather in groups.

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