Controversial Mars One startup dubbed ‘Interplanetary Fyre Festival’ for its plan to send humans on a one-way trip to Mars by 2025 goes bankrupt

Mars One grabbed headlines in 2012 when it announced it was looking to assemble a crew of four on a one-way mission to the red planet, with a projected launch scheduled for 2025.

Now, Mars One Ventures, the Dutch company behind the flashy project – described by some as a ‘suicidal mission’ that was doomed to fail – has met its demise in Swiss bankruptcy court, according to filings first spotted by a Reddit user.

The organization hoped to get the mission off the ground via a combination of donations, private investors and marketing. It’s unclear how much its investors have lost in the process since Mars One reached bankruptcy.

Mars One attracted much scrutiny throughout its much-publicized plans for a trip to the red planet, including a great deal of skepticism, with some even labeling it an ‘interplanetary Fyre Festival.’

The bankruptcy notices indicate that Mars One Ventures was declared bankrupt by the city of Basel, Switzerland, where it’s based out of, on January 15th.

The organization has since been dissolved, with less than $25,000 in its accounts, according to the filings.

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