An ex-army soldier accused of stealing newborn puppies had become homeless and drug-addicted after leaving the defence force, a Queensland court has heard.

A four-week old Maltese-Shih tzu cross puppy was taken from its mother in the middle of the night from a from a home in Michelton, a suburb near Brisbane, Australia, last Sunday.

The puppy’s brother was also stolen at the time, and Ben Alex Worgan, a former Australian Defence Soldier, was charged with burglary and animal cruelty.

A Queensland court heard Worgan allegedly stole both puppies, as well as expensive electronic equipment and documents from the home, The Courier Mail reported.

Owner of the Michelton home, Lewis Davies said his home was broken into in the middle of Sunday night, and $4000 worth of electronic equipment, passports and other documents were stolen.

One of the puppies was seen at a fish and chip shop in Virginia, and police were able to retrieve the second after raiding an apartment in Stafford, where they also allegedly found drugs.

Legal Aid solicitor, Axel Beard told the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Saturday that the evidence proving that 23-year-old Ben Alex Worgan was the actual thief of the puppies, was doubtful.

The court heard Worgan is receiving treatment for drug addiction and undergoing counselling for his mental health issues.

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