The toddler with giant hands: Two-year-old with a rare condition that causes lymph fluid to build-up in her body is forced to have LIPOSUCTION to reduce the size of her fists

A toddler who suffers from a rare condition that left her with giant hands was forced to have liposuction to reduce the build-up of fluid in her fists.

Cora Ruben has lymphedema, which occurs when the lymphatic system does not work properly, leading to abnormal swelling.

The two-year-old, of Minnesota, had an accumulation of fluid in her abdomen, legs, feet and – most obviously – hands.

Cora endured numerous treatments, including massages and compression bandages, however, her fists continued to get bigger.

Desperate, her parents Kasey and Brett Ruben, met with an expert in Germany, who discovered 80 per cent of the youngster’s swelling was down to fat and just 20 per cent lymph fluid.

After having the fat sucked out of her hands, Cora can pick things up and wear normal clothes like any other little girl, with experts being optimistic she will lead a ‘normal life’.

Speaking of his daughter’s condition, Mr Ruben said: ‘Her hands are obviously the biggest thing people see.

‘But what people don’t know is she’s actually got it in most of her body.

‘It’s through her abdomen, both legs, both feet. Her genitals, through her arms. And as she gets older it’s only going to get worse.’

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