Former oil worker, 40, with ‘hideous smelly’ growth on the back of his head says SIX YEAR wait for NHS surgery cost him his girlfriend and job

A former oil worker has waited six years for surgery to remove a ‘hideous’ growth on his neck, costing him his job and girlfriend.

Don Wright, 40, from Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, saw his GP in 2013 when he a small growth where a birthmark had once been.

Despite being referred to a plastic surgeon, he is still waiting to have the removal of  the lump which has a foul smell and leaks.

With his mental health deteriorating, he was sacked from his job because he was unable to concentrate properly.

He has been unable to get employment since due to always wearing a wholly hat to cover the growth – which is now the size of a grapefruit.

Mr Wright said: ‘Please hurry up. I just want this nightmare over.

‘It is hideous and getting bigger and it stinks as well. There are secretions coming out of it. I have had to buy so many new pillows because it leaks. The odour is horrible.’

The medical name for Mr Wright’s growth is called a haemangioma, which consists of an abnormally dense group of extra blood vessels.

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