The Chinese-language film will show, with English subtitles, in a select number of U.S. theaters on Feb. 6, a day after its debut in China. STX Entertainment has teamed up with Alibaba Pictures, the film division of the Chinese e-commerce giant, to distribute the new feature film based on the British cartoon character Peppa Pig. 

There’s no sugar coating this — Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was tough.  Between Catherine’s (Debbie Allen) life-threatening surgery and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) visiting her father for the first time in years, there were definitely not enough tissues to go around. After consulting Koracick (Greg Germann) and Meredith about her spinal tumor earlier in the

The actress has signed on to star in Steven Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story,’ in which she will also serve as executive producer. Rita Moreno, who was recently cast in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night. The actress was greeted by the the host saying, “West Side Story the album was one

assandra Thorburn is preparing to make her dancing debut on Channel Ten’s Dancing With The Stars next month. And on Friday, her dance partner Marco De Angelis shared a short clip of the 47-year-old journalist rehearsing in the studio ahead of the show’s return.  The mother-of-three showed off her age-defying figure in a casual activewear ensemble

Natasha Lyonne is magnificent as a woman reliving her last 24 hours, Groundhog Day-style, in this endlessly impressive and idiosyncratic show ‘I’m sorry for YELLING,” yells the main character, Nadia, in Netflix’s new drama Russian Doll. “But I’m having a very BAD, NEVERENDING day.” And there, roughly, is the series’s premise. After leaving her 36th

Anna Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer promoted their new drama TV series Flack at the TCA Winter Tour on Wednesday. The 36 year old actress, who married Moyer in 2010 while they both starred in HBO’s True Blood, stars in and produces Flack, with Moyer serving as executive producer. The six-episode series is slated

New sitcom Russian Doll sees a wise-cracking, chain-smoking woman trapped between life and death. Along with The Good Place and Black Mirror, it’s yet more proof of TV’s fixation with the great beyond Warning: this article contains spoilers for Russian Doll and Forever In new Netflix show Russian Doll, the main character, Nadia, dies approximately

Former Bachelor star Matthew Johnson will join radio station Nova permanently after his successful two-week summer stint with the station. The former marketing manager, 31, will appear as a regular fixture alongside Matt De Groot and Sarah McGilvray on a Saturday breakfast show. The first time father-to-be said he needed the practice of getting up early ahead of

Marnie has a form of OCD called Pure O, which manifests as constant invasive thoughts about sex. But this comedy-drama never resorts to cheap laughs. It is brave, bold and barely short of a miracle Marnie, the 24-year-old heroine – and I use the word advisedly – of new drama (or comedy-drama, possibly, but one

“We have a few backup plans if the world runs ahead of us.” The Good Fight returns for its third season soon — March 14, for that matter. So after months of radio silence from the CBS All Access show, save news of Michael Sheen’s arrival, the creative team unloaded quite a bit of new info on Wednesday