Revolutionary new virtual reality technology could let anyone ride along with you as a virtual passenger.  Called Voyage XR, it’s expected to have a range of applications, from training truck drivers to letting parents keep an eye on teen drivers while they’re on the road.  And it could even enable far-flung, elderly relatives to ride

Rather than try to deal with every single email to achieve ‘inbox zero’, some workers have taken to letting them pile up, unanswered. But there are downsides … At the beginning of each year, many of us look at our overflowing inboxes with horror, then make a resolution: no longer will our email account be

Samsung Galaxy M series is supposed to launch in India on January 28, and the new Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M10 will be Amazon exclusive in India Samsung Galaxy M series is supposed to launch in India on January 28, and this series is being seen a rival to Xiaomi’s popular Redmi phones. Samsung has already indicated

OnePlus 7 has already been subjected to multiple leaks in the recent past and while the OnePlus 6T was an instant success all over the world, fans and critics alike have even more expectations from the OnePlus 7. Now, according to a new leak, the upcoming smartphone from OnePlus will reportedly witness a huge design

It’s week 2 of the year and CES was its main event. There weren’t many grand phone announcements at the CES floor though – in fact the most popular news of the week was the announcement of the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi’s new life as a separate brand, complete with its own logo. Xiaomi

Samsung Galaxy M-Series smartphones, the long rumoured budget lineup from the South Korean consumer electronics giant, have now been confirmed to launch on January 28. The company in a press release on Monday confirmed the launch date, adding that the Samsung Galaxy M-Series smartphones will be targeted at ‘young millennials’ and feature ‘powerful’ displays, cameras,

Journalists need to stop parroting the industry line when it comes to artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that is now widely used (and abused), loosely defined and mostly misunderstood. Much the same might be said of, say, quantum physics. But there is one important difference, for whereas quantum phenomena are not likely

A new generation of devices featuring a host of clever features will make conventional alarm systems obsolete. We review four of the best The days of alarms and floodlights being the only choice for home security are behind us with the growing availability of more intelligent and flexible options, such as smart cameras. Placed outside