An experimental 33,000-ton nuclear-powered ship that could cut through thick ocean ice sheets is being built by China. The state-owned vessel, dubbed a ‘nuclear icebreaker’,  is designed to cut through the frozen seas north of Russia and North America. The vessel will be fitted with two 25-megawatt water reactors, allowing the enormous vessel to travel at a max speed

OOTY: On March 21, the day of spring equinox, wherein day and night are of approximately equal duration, an important day in annals of space research, the Cosmic Ray Laboratory(CRL) of the Tata Institute Fundamental Research (TIFR), located at  the Melkavvatti road junction here, made the  announcement of its phenomenal discovery on production of unimaginably high

Dinosaurs could have sensed sound as sharply as birds, making them even better hunters than previously believed. The process used by birds to hear has been detected in alligators, which are the closest living relative to the dinosaur. It could means that T-rex and other carnivore dinosaurs identified the location of prey with their ears

Human arms and other mammal forelimbs began to diversify 270 million years ago, 30 million years before the first dinosaurs. No other group of vertibrates, or all animals with spinal cords, has evolved so many different kinds of arms as mammals tailored for the varying habitats and lifestyles. Examples of the different types of mammal forelimbs include

It may explain why some of us have a brilliant sense of direction, while others get lost all the time. Many animals have the ability to sense magnetic fields: homing pigeons, turtles and even warthogs can sense which way is north. But now scientists have discovered evidence for the first time that some humans may

Mini brains have been grown in a lab by scientists striving to cure motor neuron disease. The tiny organoid – approximately the size of a lentil – was made of connected human brain cells. It was then able to create connections with nearby spinal cord and muscular tissue. Scientists say they were able to see

Semen which has been stored in a lab since 1968 has successfully impregnated 34 sheep, a study claims. Samples were taken from four rams, including one called Sir Freddie, in 1968 and were frozen for fifty years. Australian researchers describe it as the world’s oldest sample of frozen semen successfully used to produce offspring. The defrosted samples,

An octopus has been seen changing the colour of its skin on its entire body from light to dark while it sleeps – and experts say it may be dreaming of a predator. Footage shows the pale white creature pulsing as vein-like patterns emerge on its skin, becoming increasingly darker and spreading over its entire body.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has revealed a plan to protect Lower Manhattan from rising sea levels by surrounding it with earthen berms and extending its shoreline by as much as 500 feet (152 meters). The plan piggybacks on a climate resilience study released by the city today, which found that roughly 37

Scientists have discovered a new spider genus that were so alike in both size and markings, that they were named after the Stormtroopers in Star Wars. The new genus, called Stormtropis, belong to a family of bald-legged spiders, which are native to South America and Central America. But, the six new spiders are among the very