An ancient four-legged whale that lived more than 40 million years ago has been discovered giving new insight into how the first whales spread around the planet. It is believed to be first ancestor of whales and dolphins to reach the Pacific Ocean after crossing the Atlantic. Scientists found that the amphibious species was 13

Gorillas grieve for their dead and have funerals for them just like humans, according to scientists. Their macabre rituals are the subject of a new study as experts worry their prodding and licking of corpses may spread diseases like Ebola. Humans were once considered unique in caring for the dead and having a concept of death.

Many cat owners will tell you that their feline friends understand them and scientists have now confirmed that domestic cats recognise their names when spoken. Researchers in Japan discovered that pet cats are able to tell their names apart from other words. Experts found that commonly spoken words will catch a cat’s attention, but this fades the

NASA has created a cutting-edge wing which will allow the space agency to create a plane capable of changing shape mid-flight. The real-life transformer is still a concept but would be able to manipulate its form in order to control its flight. A combination of stiff and flexible components allow it to deform at the will

An ancient Egyptian nobleman who lived 4,300 years ago has been discovered buried in an L-shaped limestone tomb decorated with brutal murals. It had previously been raided by tomb robbers but remains of the nobleman, believed to be called Khuwy, were found scattered among the blocks. Many of the paintings inside the tomb include original

A new type of modified wood that can trap heat and then release it when needed could help buildings cut down on their energy use. Scientists say that the revolutionary material, which is biodegradable, can bear heavy loads and could open the door for ‘eco-friendly’ homes and other buildings. The researchers, from KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Eerie footage taken from a camera attached to the back of a Great White shark shows how the giant predator uses kelp to stalk its prey. The enormous fish has previously never been seen venturing inside kelp forests as scientists thought they were too big to fit. But scientists have now attached cameras on the

Incredible footage reveals the moment a daring kangaroo rat escaped certain death in the jaws of a rattlesnake. Remarkable aerial acrobatics saw the rodent escape the predator by using its powerful hind legs to kung fu kick it away. Researchers set up a YouTube page showcasing the remarkable escapes orchestrated by the rats to emerge unscathed from

The speed of light is often referred to as the universe’s speed limit, making it nearly impossible to catch on camera. But a high-tech camera created by researchers at the California Institute of Technology has managed to do just that. The mind-bending footage has been captured in a new video from YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys in an episode

Britain’s biggest supermarkets are failing to cut back on wasteful and unnecessary plastic packaging, according to Greenpeace. The environmental organisation says two of the Big Four supermarkets have not done enough to remove plastic from their aisles. Sainsbury’s has pledged to reduce plastic by just 77 tonnes since last January through removing plastic packaging from