Using genetically modified bugs to prolong life was ‘fanciful’ until recently, says scientist A “living medicine” made from genetically modified bugs has prolonged the lives of animals with severe metabolic disease in a landmark test of the treatment. Researchers created the medicine by making a common strain of bacteria mop up excess ammonia in the

Scientists behind the world’s largest atom smasher have laid out their multibillion-dollar vision to build an even bigger one, in hopes of unlocking even more secrets of matter and the universe in the coming decades. Officials at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, presented Tuesday their study for a ‘Future Circular Collider’ inside a

Primitive tribes trying to avoid painful horsefly bites may have turned to zebras for inspiration. Although the creature’s black and white stripes are thought to act as camouflage, research has shown that they also deter blood-sucking horseflies. Scientists claim stripy body-paint used by aboriginal Africans scatters light, making it harder for insects to see them.

The loneliest frog in the world may have found a mate after ten years of isolation.  Romeo, a Sehuencas water frog, was collected by biologists ten years ago and has spent the ensuing decade in a Bolivian aquarium. Experts believed his species to be in danger of extinction and has spent the ensuing decade in a Bolivian

It ruled the seas for 21 million years – but then mysteriously disappeared. Megalodon is the most massive shark species that ever lived, growing to 60 feet long, three times the size of the largest of today’s great whites. Yet researchers have never found out why it suddenly disappeared 2.5 million years ago – until

Scientists devise method using genetic data and lifestyle to work out who should be screened Women may be able to go to their GP to find out their risk of getting breast cancer and choose whether or not to be screened, if a new online calculator devised by scientists is successful. Cancer Research UK scientists have

As its ‘Impossible burger’ gains ground across the US as a vegan alternative to beef, the firm behind it has revealed it hopes to soon offer a ‘vegan steak’ almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The firm last week unveiled a new version of its meatless burger, which is made using plants, including soy protein. 

Can radio signals sent by super-advanced alien civilisations zillions of miles away in space be heard on Earth? That’s the tantalising possibility raised by a series of mysterious, ultra-short repeating radio energy bursts from deep space that were reported last week. In the respected journal Nature, astronomers revealed how their super-powerful new radio telescope detected

Controversial subsidies for burning wood in power stations could be scrapped in the drive to clean up Britain’s air. Firms that burn wood pellets currently receive about £1billion a year because, unlike coal, these are considered renewable sources of energy. But critics say burning wood produces similar amounts of carbon dioxide to coal, contributing to

Analysis of surveys from US, France and Germany could also have implications for science communication in other fields The most extreme opponents of genetically modified foods know the least about science but believe they know the most, researchers have found. The findings from public surveys in the US, France and Germany suggest that rather than