A prehistoric skull belonging to an extinct giant buffalo believed to date back 150,000 years has been uncovered in a quarry. The rare ancient remains were found during a routine visit to the site by a fossil hunter who has been studying it for more than a decade. Hundreds of buffalo bones have been discovered

A boat made entirely of plastic waste will set sail across the Indian Ocean this week to raise awareness for the severe plastic pollution crisis plaguing our oceans. The multi-coloured ‘Flipflopi’ was built using discarded rubbish collected from  Kenyan beaches.  The 30 ft (nine metre) long sailing boat, made up of 30,000 flipflops, will set sail

An ancient child of a long-extinct human-like species from 104,000 years ago in northern China had teeth that grew in a similar way to modern-day humans. Remains of the ancient six-year-old child, known as the Xujiayao juvenile, were first found in the 1970s and reanalysed.  Evidence found the dental development was very similar to what is seen in young

NEW DELHI Seafloor predators and open water feeding animals like the starfish and the jellyfish will benefit from climate change, while those associated with sea ice for food or breeding are most at risk, a study said on Thursday.Marine Antarctic animals closely associated with sea ice for food or breeding, such as the humpback whale

Chart appears to date from 1885, and was found under lecture hall during clean-out A crumbling roll of canvas-backed paper discovered underneath a lecture theatre in Scotland may be the world’s oldest surviving periodic table chart, experts have said. The chart was found during a clean-out at the University of St Andrews in 2014 and appears to date from

A tiny insect that lays a string of eggs around a plant’s branches has been identified as the first new garden pest for 2019.   The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) said the cotton stringy scale was spotted on a magnolia in Berkshire. It is thought the pest started thriving in English conditions after being imported. Experts

NASA’s InSight lander is leaning in for a better listen of Mars’ underground tremors. The robotic explorer placed its seismometer on the surface at the end of last month, and is now getting even closer ‘for a better connection with Mars.’ This will help its instruments pick up fainter signals that may otherwise have been

Researchers studying the structure of bird feathers have revealed some of the secret of of flight – and say it could lead to a new generation of materials for humans. They say the unique arrangement of barbs on the feather could lead to a new ‘supervelcro’ material far stronger than current designs. It could also

Britain and other countries are treating the oceans ‘like a sewer’ as the amount of plastic in the world’s seas is expected to treble by 2025, MPs warn. The Government was accused of an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude to the seas and was urged to instead take the lead on plastic, pollution

Spring has jumped the gun in many parts of the country, as flowers blossomed and bumblebees began buzzing months ahead of schedule. More than 64 records of early spring activity have been received by the Woodland Trust – the earliest in November. The Trust encourages members of the public to send sightings of early spring