The devastated parents of a baby boy with a heart defect are in a desperate race against time to find him a new organ. Doctors at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital have now broken the news to Sarah, 44, and Chris Cookson, 40, that their son Carter has just days to live. Carter was born on Boxing

The number of ambulances turned away from A&E soared last week to its highest level since winter began.  Accident and emergency performance figures this week show the NHS is feeling the strain as snow falls across Britain. More than one in eight people taken to A&E in an ambulance waited outside for half an hour or more

Brew green tea in bottled water instead of tap water to reap its health benefits, scientists have said. The result is a tea with almost double the amount of the antioxidants, according to a study by Cornell University. However, if you’re drinking green tea for taste, tap water will yield the best cup, ensuring it’s

Far too many of us are addicted to our phones. Xand spent 15 hours on his phone last week and more than four hours on Twitter alone, which feels like too much, though he insists it is mostly in the bathroom or waiting in a queue. There’s evidence that smartphones can cause stress, exacerbate depression and disrupt sleep —

Catholics have been told to keep their hands to themselves during Mass to stop the rampant spread of flu that has struck seven million Americans already this winter.  Parishioners in New Mexico were told to avoid shaking hands, hugging or holding hands during the sign of peace – and nod at each other instead. The Archdiocese of

A woman who went into cardiac arrest at just six years old was only diagnosed with the rare condition behind it after she was bitten by a tick more than two decades later.     Alexandra Wall, 33, of south-west London, lost control of her body while swimming at the beach as a young child and went into

Weight Loss: If you have been missing your breakfast because you were too pressed for time, or didn’t like what was on the breakfast table, you have arrived at the right place. Losing weight is not an easy affair, but fortunately, we have figured a number of factors that may speed up and sustain weight

New Delhi: A careful balance of lifestyle habits, including your diet and fitness regime, is essential to control type 2 diabetes along with proper medication. But it can be extremely tricky when it comes to navigating proper nutrition, especially with foods that seem healthy but can actually wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels and increase

It’s long been said that carrots help people to see in the dark. But the vegetable – and others – actually can have a positive effect on your overall eye health, according to a nutritionist. Sophie Bertrand, working alongside laser eye surgery hospital Optegra, has put together a list of the top foods that will