Viewers were left shedding tears and dishing out praise for the NHS after last night’s episode of Hospital on BBC Two. This week featured the emotional stories of Sophie, 22, and Tom, 18, both of whom have been stuck in Liverpool’s Walton Centre after sustaining severe brain injuries.  And it followed the work of ‘incredible’ staff in the centre,

A mother who had to wear a hat to hide her orange-sized cyst on her head has had it drained of yellow liquid by Dr Pimple Popper.  Viewers love to watch as Dr Sandra Lee, AKA Dr Pimple Popper, oozes puss from various growths, cysts and spots, and the latest story did not disappoint.  Irais,

Every three seconds somebody in the UK has an asthma attack, new figures suggest. Data from the charity Asthma UK shows that those with asthma are having more attacks every year than previously thought. It surveyed more than 10,000 people with asthma, who reported having an attack on average twice a year. With 5.4million people

Vitamin D has become the nation’s best-selling single health supplement as we try to cope with long and gloomy winters. The ‘sunshine vitamin’ – produced naturally by the body when the skin is exposed to the sun – has overtaken vitamin C, which is found in fruit and vegetables, following evidence that millions are deficient.

Medicine shortages are ‘worse than ever’ with rising numbers of common drugs being so hard to get hold of the Government is forced to pay extra. Eighty are now so low in stock the Department of Health is, in some cases, paying a price 45 per cent higher than usual. Among them are blood pressure

The study showed that individuals who were in the recommended, ideal ranges for at least four of Life’s Simple seven health factors had a 70 per cent lower risk of developing diabetes over the next 10 years. If you are suffering from diabetes, then following some lifestyle and health factors may prove to be good

The researchers discovered a direct connection between the length of exposure time and whether or not one will indulge.  Does a whiff of pizzas, burgers or sandwiches entice you, but you refrain from eating them due to the high-calories it contains? Take heart, smelling these for longer than two minutes will make you feel satiated,

Families are being told to cut their consumption of red meat and sugar by half to improve their health and help save the planet. Scientists say the adoption of a ‘planetary health diet’ is vital to feed the world’s booming population without destroying the environment. The radical plan would mean people eating just 7g of

Just eight percent of antibiotic prescriptions in 2016 were clearly justified, according to a new study of privately-insured Americans.  The rest were dubious – 23 percent were unnecessary, 36 percent were possibly necessary, and 28 percent were made without a documented diagnosis.  In fact, according to the latest data in 2016, one in six adults and one

A 648lb (294kg) woman and her 607lb (275kg) nephew have shed a whopping 500lbs (226kg) between them to save their lives. Robin McKinley, 40, was able to go on a romantic date for the first time in years with her husband James after her year-long battle against the bulge. Her nephew, Garrett, whose surname is