The specially designed high-tech drone was fitted with equipment to monitor the kidney along its three mile (five kilometer) journey to its recipient: a 44-year-old woman from Baltimore who had spent eight years on dialysis before the procedure. A kidney needed for transplantation has been delivered by a drone for the first time ever, the

The US government has declared Roundup is safe – despite a movement of lawsuits from Americans claiming the weed killer gave them cancer. Two juries have sided against Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, after deciding there was enough evidence to show glyphosate is carcinogenic. But on Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency took the opposite view

The anti-impotence drug Cialis could be used to cure heart failure, according to new research. The erectile dysfunction drug Tadalafil, which is similar to Viagra and sold under the brand name Cialis, was found to slow and even reverse the progression of the condition in sheep by researchers at the University of Manchester. The British Heart Foundation-funded

Hospital cafes run by Costa Coffee and Subway are contaminated with ‘unacceptably’ high levels of deadly bacteria, a damning investigation has found. Researchers from BBC One’s Watchdog Live found salmonella and staphylococcus in eight branches run by the food and coffee giants. The team, trained by a clinical microbiologist in how to correctly test for the bugs, swabbed tables,

According to a latest study, published in the Journal of Cell Reports, right combination of diet and bacteria may limit cancer progression. A well-balanced and healthy diet is known to do wonders for our overall health, including the gut microbiome, which is populated by microorganisms such as bacteria (good and bad). In an attempt to

Visits to the dentist are usually cumbersome and expensive, but the latest development from a team of engineers, dentists and biologists from the University of Pennsylvania have designed a crew of microrobots that can be deployed and controlled to remove the buildup of plaque between the teeth and gums. That is right, scraping and scratching

The researchers estimate that even a modest increase in average rice consumption could reduce the worldwide prevalence of obesity by 1%. Obesity levels are substantially lower in countries that consume high amounts of rice, while counties with lower average rice intake have higher obesity levels, recent findings suggest. The link between rice intake and obesity

The head of the NHS has encouraged teenagers and young adults to help out in hospitals. Simon Stevens called for a ‘new generation’ of volunteers step forward, pointing out that some roles would undoubtedly lead to future health service careers. He said volunteering was particularly beneficial for younger age groups in building their self-confidence and giving them invaluable

A boy who developed a grapefruit-sized tumour on his spine while in the womb has defied doctors’ expectations to survive. Harry Morris, now six months old, could have been aborted when his parents Maria, 27, and Jack, 25, found out about the growth on his back. Ultrasound scans showed he had a huge teratoma tumour