Training for your first marathon can be just as good for your blood pressure as drugs by ‘reversing’ the ageing of blood vessels, a study found. The reduction of four years of age-related artery stiffness could reduce the risk of stroke by up to 10 per cent over a person’s lifetime, scientists said. They tracked

Some years ago I was at a children’s birthday party when a little girl started choking. Panic ensued. I was in another room when her dad, fear etched on his face, came rushing in to find me. But before I got to the child, a woman intervened and dislodged the small plastic ball the youngster

Virtual reality headsets successfully reduced anxiety and pain for women during childbirth and abortions. In the first phase of a major new trial testing VR in childbirth at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, all of the women involved said the experience left them less anxious, and most (57 percent) said it reduced their pain.

NHS receptionists take the brunt of patients’ frustrations over a lack of appointments and long waiting times, research suggests. A study found staff who are ‘front-of-house’ in GP surgeries, hospitals and dental clinics ‘take the flak for things that are not their fault’. Researchers argue an inability to get an appointment in the NHS is ‘the

In a new study published in the Journal of Experimental Physiology, the researchers revealed that chronic short sleep is associated with increased risk of clogged arteries, heart disease, and thus increased morbidity and mortality. Researchers claim to have figured out why lack of sleep increases susceptibility to heart diseases.According to the study published in the Journal

Diet fizzy drinks won’t keep children’s weight down because they just end up eating more, research has found. Although the drinks are designed to be healthier by cutting out sugar, children who choose them eat sugar in other things to make up the difference. Researchers looked at the diets of more than 7,000 children in

Pet owners are being warned that close affection with their dogs and cats may be life-threatening. Treating them like a human by giving kisses or cuddles could spread drug-resistant bugs through saliva, scientists fear. Psychologists quizzed scores of pet owners and discovered many are unnecessarily asking vets to give out antibiotics. Bacteria can become drug

Hardly any children have received medical cannabis in the seven months since its prescription was legalised, doctors say. Former drugs tsar Professor David Nutt, a psychiatrist at Imperial College London, warned many patients are suffering epileptic seizures as they struggle to get the treatment, despite last year’s change in the law. Writing in the British Medical

People are risking their health by indulging in honey and other sugar alternatives after being misled into the belief they are healthier, campaigners have warned. Specialist honey such as Manuka, agave syrup, cane or brown sugars and coconut sugar are often falsely advertised as being a better choice than table sugar. But these ‘natural sugars’