Barcelona are set to consider a summer swoop for Alexandre Lacazette if Antoine Griezmann rejects them for a second year in a row. The Atletico Madrid star has long been a target for Barca but chose to stay put last year. His £151million release clause will drop to £91m on July 1, and Barca will be interested if he opts to

Police have launched a murder investigation following the discovery of the body of a 17-year-old girl in a house in Wiltshire. A 17-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Paramedics were called to Springfield Drive, Calne on Friday afternoon where they discovered the body of the girl shortly before 3.15pm. Police secured the

The BBC is developing a voice-activated electronic assistant in an attempt to rival Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. It will similarly be styled as a character – currently dubbed ‘Auntie’ by insiders in a nod to the BBC’s longstanding nickname – but will be renamed before launch to make it more ‘modern-sounding’. The assistant would be available

Leonardo da Vinci may have been prevented from finishing the Mona Lisa after a severe fainting episode left him with nerve damage and a ‘claw’ hand. A new study claims the Renaissance master was unable to hold a paintbrush because of the injury. A portrait of the artist shows his right arm bundled in clothing

Training for your first marathon can be just as good for your blood pressure as drugs by ‘reversing’ the ageing of blood vessels, a study found. The reduction of four years of age-related artery stiffness could reduce the risk of stroke by up to 10 per cent over a person’s lifetime, scientists said. They tracked

WePark is a radical rethinking of city space, which started in San Francisco and has spread as far afield as Toulouse, Bristol, LA and Portland “If we were designing cities from scratch, would we choose to create the car-centric, parking-dominated spaces we have now?” asks Victor Pontis, the organiser of WePark. “Probably not.” In response, Pontis

Company’s enthusiasm for building new manufacturing site waned after Brexit vote Burberry has scrapped plans for a new factory to produce its trademark trenchcoats in Leeds. The site had been the centrepiece of a vaunted £50m investment in its British manufacturing base. The luxury brand announced the ambitious plan in 2015 but has now confirmed that the 4-hectare

Ofgem says suppliers must return final credit balance within 10 working days Gas and electricity customers are set to automatically receive compensation if their supplier fails to hand back their final credit balance within 10 working days. Under the new Ofgem rules, which started on 1 May, customers will also be entitled to compensation of

First the good news for President Trump: There were far more jobs created in the US during April than the “experts” were predicting. Now the bad news. That excellent job growth will keep the president from getting the one thing he wants most now, a cut in interest rates from the Fed. On Friday the

European and American investigators have broken up one of the world’s largest online criminal trafficking operations in a series of raids in the United States and Germany, authorities said Friday. Three German men, ages 31, 22 and 29, were arrested after the raids in three southern states on allegations they operated the so-called “Wall Street