Ahead of the FCC’s meeting on Wednesday focused on toughening up caller ID rules to make it harder for spam callers to hide their identity, a new report is out that shows the effect such calls are having on Americans’ overall smartphone usage. No surprise, one of the big takeaways is that we’re answering our

A robotic arm capable of playing the popular game Jenga has been built by American engineers.    The machine, developed by MIT engineers, is equipped with a soft-pronged gripper, a force-sensing wrist cuff and an external camera.  This enables it to see and feel the movement of the tower and adjust for each individual block. It

Proof of Britain’s first ever beer is found by archaeologists clearing a patch of land between Cambridge and Huntingdon for a new road.  A team working on a project to widen the A14 discovered charred lumps of residue from the beer-making process, potentially from as early as 400BC.  Archaeologists say the tiny fragments,which were found in excavated

Two separate species of human ancestors may both have occupied a cave in Siberia at the same time thousands of years ago. Researchers have long been working to narrow down the timeline of hominin occupation at Denisova Cave after a trove of artifacts, including stone tools and bone points, were found at the site. A

Did humans have prehistoric ancestors we didn’t know about yet? AI seems to suggest so. An artificial intelligence system has identified a previously unknown human ancestor that roamed the planet tens of thousands of years ago and left a genomic footprint in Asian individuals, scientists say. By combining deep learning algorithms and statistical methods, researchers

A stunning montage of 365 images have revealed the day by day changes on the solar surface in 2018. The images were taken by ESA’s Proba-2 satellite. It reveals just how quiet the sun has been. The Sun typically follows an 11 year cycle of activity, and throughout 2018, it embraced its solar minimum, displaying

Prosecutors have sought further analysis of fibres from a car driven by alleged Claremont serial killer Bradley Edwards ahead of the trial. Bradley Robert Edwards, 50, will go on trial over the murders of Ms Glennon, 27, Jane Rimmer, 23, and 18-year-old Sarah Spiers. Ms Spiers was the first of the Claremont victims to vanish

European council president: Britain needs a concrete plan that parliament can support  Follow the latest political developments – live updates  Theresa May has been told by Donald Tusk that it is her job to find a solution to the Brexit impasse during what sources have described as an “open and frank” 45-minute phone call in the wake

An 11-month-old baby was burned alive in a stove by his grandparents, say police. Baby Maxim Sagalakov was left by his mother Viktoria, 20, in the care of her parents in the Khakassia district of Russia. When she returned, the distraught woman found the child’s charred remains in the stove of the family’s house in Kharoy

Maduro presidential rival Juan Guaidó claims he has held secret meetings with military, which hold key to power Britain’s foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is expected to urge EU nations to impose sanctions on members of Nicolás Maduro’s inner circle in Venezuelaas pressure mounts on the president. Hunt is expected to use an informal summit in Romania