Patients will be offered lung cancer scans in supermarket car parks across the country in a bid to improve disease detection rates.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to be screened over the next four years as part of an NHS drive to catch the disease early and improve chances of survival.

The £70million drive involving ten cancer vans will target areas recording the highest death rates for lung cancer including Newcastle, Blackpool and Southampton.

High-risk patients who smoke or have been smokers, aged 55 to 75, will be sent letters urging them to be checked out at one of the stores.

Around 600,000 people are expected to be invited over the next four years with an estimated 3,400 cancers detected as a result, NHS England said.

Cally Palmer, national cancer director at NHS England, said the roll out was a key part of the long-term plan.

Prime Minister Theresa May revealed that under it, three-quarters of cancer patients will be diagnosed early within the next decade.

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