It’s a wonderful world. 

And these fascinating images show exactly why. 

They appear in a new book called Wonders of the World by Claudia Martin, which showcases breathtaking phenomena by Mother Nature and incredible structures rustled up by the human race, from ancient times to the present day.  

The 200 mesmerising photographs featured in the tome include snaps of the city of Petra and Rome’s Colosseum and modern-day engineering marvels such as Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah island and the magnificent Millau Viaduct. Plus natural jaw-droppers such as Venezuela’s  Angel Falls and Australia’s Hanging Rock.

Martin says: ‘From waterfalls to deserts, from bridges to opera houses, from natural fires that never stop burning to the Earth’s largest man-made holes, the book explains the fascinating stories about extraordinary places, both famous and little-known.’

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