A 648lb (294kg) woman and her 607lb (275kg) nephew have shed a whopping 500lbs (226kg) between them to save their lives.

Robin McKinley, 40, was able to go on a romantic date for the first time in years with her husband James after her year-long battle against the bulge.

Her nephew, Garrett, whose surname is unknown, has started training as a welder since losing weight, after stepping on the scales at 20-years-old gave him a shock.

The pair initially had to stick to a restrictive diet of just 600 calories a day to be granted surgery, by Dr Younan Nowzaradan, to help them lose more weight. 

Mrs McKinley and Garrett, from Kansas, made a joint effort to drop the pounds, in fear of becoming seriously ill. 

In the TLC show My 600lb Life, Mrs McKinley told how her she had been abused by her father as a child and also lost a baby after a previous boyfriend beat her when he found out she was pregnant. 

Her sister also died from an illness in 2017. 

Mrs McKinley was forced to quit her job as a teacher after she became wheelchair-bound because her extreme weight had worn down the cartilage in her knees, giving her constant pain.

But she was determined to turn her troubled life around, despite her past ‘hurting so bad’. 

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