[This story contains spoilers to Broad City‘s series finale.]

Broad City will live on in New York City. That is how co-creators and stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer wanted viewers to feel when their Comedy Central series signed off after five seasons with Thursday’s series finale.

Ever since Jacobson and Glazer began playing exaggerated versions of themselves — first on their web series 10 years ago and then on Broad City since 2014 — their TV alter-egos, who are also named Abbi and Ilana, have never left each other’s side. But on the series finale, titled “Broad City” and written by the pair, Broad City split up Abbi and Ilana. After confronting their futures as they respectively approach and hit their thirties, Ilana stayed behind in New York City as Abbi moved to Colorado to pursue her art.

“I feel like the audience started understanding what was going to happen when Abbi first applied to the residency program [at Colorado Art Center] in episode seven. And we were feeling it with them,” Glazer says about the final season journey when speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, along with Jacobson. The next two episodes saw Abbi and Ilana riding a wave of emotions as they each came to terms with Abbi’s decision to leave, and the finale showed the characters officially saying goodbye in two teary-eyed scenes. “It made it so much more meta for the two of us. We needed that,” Jacobson says about the “simultaneous goodbyes” for themselves and the characters.

Abbi and Ilana’s ultimate acceptance about their separation helped Glazer and Jacobson confront their own impending goodbye to their show. “In the finale of our web series with Amy Poehler, we have this dialogue where we needed her to say things like, ‘Go with the flow and live your dreams, ok?'” says Glazer. “Just this positive talk. And we did that same thing. We used the show as therapy and you can feel that this season.”

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