Where do failed and defunct tech products go when they die?

In most cases, the answer to that question is that there really isn’t one answer, but for historians of Google’s many felled initiatives, remembrance is now only a click away.

At killedbygoogle.com, the brainchild of coder, Cody Ogden, all of the search giant’s killed or soon-to-be killed products, including, apps, services, and hardware, are compiled in a list that reads less like a ledger and more like an actual graveyard.

‘We grow accustomed to the apps, services, and devices we use as a part of our routine,’ said Ogden in a recent blog post.

‘We come to know their characteristics, their quirks, and like a relationship, it deeply affects us, even for years after they are no longer with us.’

The extensive burial ground contains 149 different apps, services, and types of hardware that run the gamut of Google products, ranging from the company’s ill-fated social platform, Google+, to lesser known — or almost entirely unknown — offerings like BebaPay, an electronic ticketing platform in Nairobi, Kenya.

Since the website’s creation, fans and critics of Google’s deceased products have taken to Reddit to opine about which products they remember fondly and which they might be better off without.

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