An Anglican minister has pleaded with lawmakers to introduce pill testing after leading a moving funeral service for a teenager who died of a suspected drug overdose.

Father Rod Bower, of Gosford Anglican Church, said he led the service for Alex Ross-King, 19, which was attended by ‘her devastated family and 500 of her closest friends’. 

Fr Bower said the group did something ‘no one should have to do’.

‘We stood beside a coffin containing the body of a 19-year-old person who had the potential for a long and fulfilling life,’ he wrote in a moving post about the funeral. 

The priest, who is known for the progressive signboards that sit outside his church in Gosford on NSW’s north coast, used the moment to push the government to embrace pill testing as a means of saving the lives of young people.

‘Conservative commentators say ‘Don’t do drugs’, ‘take responsibility for your actions’, ‘pill testing is not the answer’: and they are right,’ he said. 

‘They will continue to be right, while young people continue to die.’

Alex Ross-King died at the FOMO festival in Parramatta Park, Sydney, on January 12. 

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