Western Europe’s tallest building is set to be erected in the tiny rural town of Brande in Denmark, which has a population of just 7,000 people.

The skyscraper will be the headquarters of fashion giant Bestseller, which was founded in the town in 1975, and at 320 metres (1,049 feet) will be ten metres taller than London’s Shard. An eye-popping rendering shows how the building will dominate the flat countryside around it – it’ll be visible from around 60km (37 miles) away.

Bestseller says it’ll become a landmark, though perhaps not in a good way. It’s been compared to The Tower of Sauron in Lord of the Rings.

The tongue-in-cheek comparison was made by a Danish satirical publication called Rokokoposten, according to The Guardian, which wrote a spoof article in which Sauron was quoted as saying: ‘I have offered to finance a major interactive art installation in the form of a blazing eye at the very top of the building.’

The Guardian says that there are also serious objections to the project.

It quotes Aarhus architect Trine Kammer as saying that the building will destroy ‘undisturbed landscape’.

The project has, nevertheless, received approval from the city council and one local reporter from Brande told The Guardian: ‘It’s hard to find anyone here who is opposed to the tower.’

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