They began a flirtation in August 2017, and by October, were officially an item. 

And since the evolution of their dating relationship, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have sparked marriage rumors. 

And on Thursday, the radio host took aim at his former building colleagues, who teased that his famous girlfriend would be purchasing her own engagement ring. 

While on Your Favorite Things With Wells and Brandi, the 34-year-old said that his ‘one pet peeve is when people say that Sarah, 28, pays for everything.’

He then replayed a clip from The Bobby Bones Show. 

The clip featured hosts Bobby, Amy Brown and Lunchbox discussing his possible engagement situation to the Modern Family star. 

‘You know was I was seeing this morning on the gossip sites, is that Sarah Hyland, the girl from Modern Family, who is dating Wells Adams, who used to work here, that they may be getting married, did you see that?’ Bobby asked. 

The radio host suggested that Wells upgraded from a ‘little one bedroom apartment here in Nashville’ to a ‘mansion with a multimillionaire.’ 

He also pointed out that Wells does work out of Sarah’s home. 

Wells countered that he actually had two homes in Tennessee, and while he does work out of Sarah’s home now, it’s because he does the show with Brandi Cyrus, 31. 

 ‘Yes, I do have a studio in my house because I do this show from my house. I can’t go to iHeart [Radio] and be like, “hey let me do my other show from you guys’ studios.”‘

 When the time comes for the duo to get engaged, Wells confirmed that he would be the one purchasing the ring.

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