New Delhi: If you’re trying to shed some pounds and slim down your waistline, you probably already know the link between metabolism and weight. In fact, your metabolism seems to hold the secret to a successful weight loss. It is claimed that having a high metabolism helps your body burns more calories and makes it easier to lose weight. Having a fast metabolism may also boost your energy levels and make you feel better. However, a slower one can work against you, perhaps, it’s not unusual to hear dieters blame their belly bulge on a slow metabolism.

Essentially, metabolism refers to all the chemical processes that occur inside your body in order to maintain life. The good thing is that there are certain foods and drinks that can help boost your metabolism and burn more calories. To help you get started or reach your weight loss goals fast (in less than 1 week) without having to exercise or following a calorie-restricted diet, Nutritionist Janvi Chitalia suggests some of the best foods you can include in your daily diet when trying to lose or maintain weight. Read – Age-old weight loss advice holds true for exams too: 3 diet tips to help your child stay fit, get good marks

Foods to put on your plate to help boost your metabolism for optimal weight loss

Switch over to complex carbohydrates: Replace starchy grains such as white pasta, rice, noodles with complex carbohydrates like buckwheat, jowar, bajra, foxtail millet (ragi or nachni), amaranth, quinoa, brown rice, red rice, etc, to have sustained release of blood sugar levels and reduce the chances of fat storage due to insulin and glucose spike which correlated with high sugar foods. It is important to add various grains to your weekly menu plan to get the benefits of each grain. For instance, nachni is good source of calcium, whereas, bajra is good source of iron.

More protein: Eating more protein has been shown to increase meatbolism and rev up your calorie burn, which is linked to losing fat. Taking enough protein helps you feel fuller, thereby resulting in lower consumption of carbohydrates. Protein also promotes satiety, keeps up the metabolic rate as well as prevents muscle loss. Read – Weight loss: 5 foods that detox your body & burn belly fat in just 1 day without dieting or exercising

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