Jessica Rowe revealed she has a cheeky way of dealing with Eddie McGuire whenever he pops up on the TV – turning the volume to mute.

Appearing on Studio 10 on Monday, the 48-year-old TV journalist couldn’t resist taking another swipe at the 54-year-old TV host after their infamous falling out in 2006.

The conversation turned to Eddie after Studio 10 panelist Joe Hildebrand, 42, asked Jessica if there was any awkwardness during her recent appearance on Channel Nine’s Today show to promote her new book, Diary of a Crap Housewife.

Jessica was a host on the program when Eddie – who was the CEO of Channel Nine at the time – threatened to ‘bone’ her during a 2006 meeting with the network’s executives.

The humiliating comments ultimately led to Jessica leaving the network in May 2007, following her maternity leave.

After fellow Studio 10 panelist Kerri-Anne Kennerley, 65, cheekily pointed out that ‘nobody put a bag of bones on the table’ during her recent Today appearance, Jessica made a hilarious confession.

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