Manu Feildel suffered a meltdown of epic proportions on Sunday night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules, with ‘villains’ Josh and Austin┬átaking four-and-a-half hours to plate up their main course.

But the sibling contestants aren’t about apologise for their cooking catastrophe.

Instead, the brothers are blasting back, telling Daily Mail Australia that they are confused by the French judge’s erratic behaviour.

Austin claimed Manu was quite temperamental, saying: ‘I struggled throughout the Instant Restaurant to understand Manu because one minute he’s so loving and caring and fatherly and like ‘Do well!” Other times he’s just like ‘F**k you!’ I just didn’t understand!’

Josh summed up: ‘We didn’t know how to take Manu!’

During their Instant Restaurant, which aired on Sunday night, the homeschooled Christian brothers served chicken lollipops and garlic mashed potato for their main, but their chicken was raw and their mash was called ‘watery.’

After taking a bite, a furious Manu laid down the law with a scowl.

‘I’m so, so disappointed right now,’ he said sternly.

‘You’ve been sitting around this table, treating people like… telling them their food’s terrible, and you’re not even capable of coming back with the goods.’

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