Viewers were left shedding tears and dishing out praise for the NHS after last night’s episode of Hospital on BBC Two.

This week featured the emotional stories of Sophie, 22, and Tom, 18, both of whom have been stuck in Liverpool’s Walton Centre after sustaining severe brain injuries. 

And it followed the work of ‘incredible’ staff in the centre, which cares for patients who have suffered life-changing brain and spinal damage. 

People watching the show took to Twitter to express their admiration for staff working in the centre and remark on Sophie and Tom’s ‘sad’ and ‘inspiring’ stories. 

Medics working at the Walton Centre were lauded as ‘heroes’ and one viewer said their skills are ‘beyond anything I can comprehend’. 

Sophie and Tom were unable to leave the centre because there was nowhere to send them for the ongoing care they needed.

Sophie suffered inflammation in her brain stem in January last year, which left her unable to breathe on her own.

She has mostly recovered – initially not able to move her eyes or swallow after her illness – but still needs 24-hour care and a ventilator in case she stops breathing.

he Walton Centre has struggled to find funding for at-home care for Sophie, so she has been left living in the unit for an entire year.

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