Shocking footage has emerged showing two of Australia’s most notorious inmates brawling inside one of the country’s toughest prisons.

Security cameras inside Goulburn’s Supermax prison caught the vicious fight between Bassam Hamzy, 39, and Talal Alameddine, 25, in October last year.

Hamzy, a convicted killer, was pummeled multiple times by Alameddine throughout the altercation.

The fight was an apparent battle for power inside the prison.

As the founder of Sydney gang ‘Brothers 4 Life’, Hamzy has been the most feared prisoner for more than 10 years.

His time in the country’s strictest prison has been littered with headline-making incidents.

In 2008 he masterminded a methylamphetamine ring from inside prison, delivering more than a kilogram of the drug to Melbourne under the guise of a truck business.

Running the business through a phone hidden in his cell, Hamzy made 19,523 calls in just a matter of weeks.

That same year Hamzy used his smuggled phone to threaten a man who owed him $12,000.

Hamzy was originally jailed for the 1998 shooting murder of a teenager outside a Sydney nightclub and has been a menace since entering custody.

His earliest release date is June 14, 2035.

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