[This story contains spoilers from the second episode of Veep‘s final season, “Discovery Weekend.”]

#MeToo has hit the world of Veep and, just as viewers should expect, the HBO political satire used extreme comedy to shine a light on the movement that has swept up both Hollywood and Washington, D.C. — the two worlds that Veepstraddles on TV and behind the scenes.

“The whole world is impacted by the #MeToo movement, not just politics,” Veep showrunner David Mandel tells The Hollywood Reporter. “But we’re in a semi-unique situation where it has hit the worlds of politics and entertainment quite heavily and we are both. At the end of the day, Veep‘s take had more to do with it being a good story and a funny story, as much as anything else.”

The story came in the form of the #NotMe movement, a hashtag that was sparked by one woman and followed by thousands of others who spoke out publicly to say they have never dated and will never date the ever-douchey Congressman Jonah Ryan (Tim Simons). “For too long, people have been silent in the face of rumors they went out with Congressman Ryan,” says a lawyer for the first woman. “But finally, people are starting to believe women and I believe Amanda when she says: Not me. Not me.” The scene invoked the real movement and managed to flip the script with Ryan declaring, “Jonah Ryan will not be silenced!”

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