Trevor Noah made a guest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday where he addressed all the recent controversies including Gov. Ralph Northam’s blackface photograph and even Jeff Bezos infamous explicit “below the belt” selfies.

When discussing the latest news, the Daily Showhost argued that Northam’s blackface controversy is proof that America simply needs to “have conversations about race.”

“I think in many ways America is always going to come into this problem if you do not have conversations around the history of the country, how the country came to be and conversations about race…You have to talk about the ramifications of Jim Crowe…slavery… if you have those conversations people will understand,” Noah told Colbert.

The Daily Show host further explained that he would want to keep would keep Gov. Northam in office “as long as possible because now he’s being forced to talk about it.”

“Northam has to listen now… I want a governor who’s reading Roots,” he quipped.

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