‘I ate salmon eyes, faced a bear and found friendly locals’: Explorer reveals how he canoed 2,000 miles along the remote Yukon River

What does a 2,000 mile canoe trip through one of the world’s most remote regions look like? Well, scroll on to find out.

Adam Weymouth, 35, from Wiltshire, has shared images of his epic paddle down the Yukon River which flows northwest from Canada through the Yukon Territory and Alaska into the Bering Sea.

The London-based writer told MailOnline Travel that during his four-month expedition one of the most frightening moments was when he came face-to-face with a grizzly bear and on the food front, he enjoyed local delicacies such as salmon eyes, salmon hearts, moose and beaver.

Many of Adam’s photos reveal a fish-rich diet in the Yukon, with the locals seen preparing the pink meat in various ways – as sushi, roasted, barbecued or as jerky.

But while Adam learned how important salmon is in the area, he also learned how stocks are steadily waning due to overfishing, parasites and disease.

Explaining how the depletion of salmon is starting to impact isolated communites, he said: ‘People have lived along the Yukon for many thousands of years, first nomadically, more recently in settled communities.

‘The return of the salmon each spring has always been an important time, an annual surge of protein from the oceans that can be put away to get people through the long hard winters.

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