She’s been forthcoming when it comes to sharing graphic details about her sex life on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

And Ajay Rochester has revealed the real reason why she hasn’t had sex in nine years. 

During an episode last week, the 49-year-old laughed as she declared to her camp-mates that she was ‘reclaiming her virginity’ because it had been so long.

She told on Wednesday there is a ‘good reason’ for the lack of physical intimacy.

‘It’s true, it’s so true… But there’s a very good reason for it. The real answer is my kid has Asperger’s, and that’s a full-time job,’ she said referring to her son Kai, 19. 

‘If you choose to have a relationship in that time, you take (time) away from them.

She continued: ‘I made a conscious decision. I was asked on dates … it’s not like I’m not attractive. People like big-bodied women, people!’ 

The former Biggest Loser Australia host made her sex confession on I’m a Celebrity last week, during an intimate chat with model Justin Lacko.

Former Love Island star Justin joked that the group was like ‘a swingers club’, to which Ajay bluntly replied: ‘That would mean actually having sex and I haven’t had sex in nine years’.

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