Gruesome footage shows the tooth of a comb being pulled out a patients’ ear from the depths of his ear canal.  

Audiologist Neel Raithatha made the stomach-churning discovery in his client’s ear last week, revealing it was the most dangerous object he has found.

He pulled the object, which can be seen lodged deeply within ear wax, out with a pair of tweezers.

The client, whose name is unknown, used the tooth of the comb, which measured 1mm, to reach a difficult itch in his ear. 

He then experienced unbearable earache, rushing to Mr Raithatha at The Hear Clinic in Oadby, Leicestershire, for advice. 

The patient is lucky the tooth didn’t cause severe damage, Mr Raithatha said. 

‘The client was fortunate that the sharp end, which was facing towards the eardrum, was not further lodged as it would have most certainly have perforated the eardrum,’ Mr Raithatha said. 

‘It probably was the worst thing I’ve seen stuck in an ear because of the potential trauma it could have caused.’

The client had gone to the ear specialist, who is a self-proclaimed ‘wax whisperer’, knowing that the tooth was lodged inside.

He had recklessly chosen the tool to itch his ear, and the tooth had snapped off in the process.

Although a bizarre story, it’s not the first time Mr Raithatha has revealed footage of un-blocking ears with strange items, including earrings and pen caps.

In December, footage showed the moment huge chunks of wax and a plastic clothes tag were pulled out of a patient’s ear. 

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