Revolutionary new virtual reality technology could let anyone ride along with you as a virtual passenger. 

Called Voyage XR, it’s expected to have a range of applications, from training truck drivers to letting parents keep an eye on teen drivers while they’re on the road. 

And it could even enable far-flung, elderly relatives to ride along with family members from any corner of the globe.  

Valeo debuted Voyage XR at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, which it claims ‘brings teleportation to life.’ 

The Paris-based automotive supplier set up shop at CES with demos of Voyage XR, along with an eye-catching self-driving car test track across from the Las Vegas Convention Center.   

Voyage XR takes advantage of Valeo’s advanced sensors, cameras and telematics to ‘teleport’ someone into the car with you. 

While in autonomous mode, the user can pull up their contacts by pressing a button on the steering wheel. 

From there, they choose a contact and give them a call. 

A faraway friend or family member then takes the call and puts on a virtual reality headset, which immediately gives them a firsthand, immersive view of what it would look like were they to actually be inside the vehicle. 

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