First Day Back follows Jason Weems as he recovers from the mid-show asthma attack that nearly killed him. Plus: here comes the story of the Hurricane

Talking points

Facebook is the latest company looking to take a chunk of the burgeoning audio market. Its Live Audio feature will allow broadcasters to stream interviews and book readings that will appear in Facebook users’ news feeds.

One podcast we’re very much looking forward to is the BBC effort How to Burn a Million Quid, a comedy drama recalling how in 1994 art-pop group the KLF torched £1m of their own cash on the Scottish island of Jura. It’s available in full from Monday.

Picks of the week

First Day Back
Tally Abecassis has a knack for getting to the heart of a story. She is back with a third season of the brilliant podcast about trying to get your life on track after a big event. This time, she spends a year following Baltimore comedian Jason Weems, who had an asthma attack on stage so severe that his heart stopped. The first episode is a moving account of the incident. “This is all like a bonus level that I’ve been given,” he says as he incorporates jokes about death into his standup routine. Hannah Verdier

The Hurricane Tapes
Steve Crossman, more often heard updating BBC radio listeners about sports news, presents a superb documentary series examining the case of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. As detailed in a Bob Dylan song and a Denzel Washington film, Carter was an African-American boxing star who had just spoken out against racist policing when he was dubiously convicted of murder in 1967. The coup here is a newly uncovered audio interview with Carter himself. Jack Seale

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