Dermott Brereton was kicked off I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! on Tuesday night.

And after arriving back in Australia, the retired AFL star wasted no time unleashing on his former campmate, Justin Lacko.

In an extraordinary tirade, Dermott, 54, said viewers have only seen ‘about 10 per cent of Justin’s hissy fits’ in the South African jungle.

‘I can tell you, you’ve only seen about 10 per cent of his hissy fits,’ he wrote in response to a fan.

‘I have never met a person with poorer awareness of his personal behaviour. We all endlessly catered for his spasmodic personality.’

‘He did well on most challenges, but he is no team player, that is the truth,’ the former sportsman added.

Dermott left the comment in response to a fan who had remarked: ‘Justin has proven that he is a great team player. Who cares what the media think.’

The heated discussion took place below a video shared by the I’m A Celebrity Instagram account which showed Justin arguing with fellow camper Angie Kent.

In the scene, Angie and Justin called each other ‘d**ks’.

It appeared the former Love Island star had reacted badly to being described as a ‘human wheel of emotion’ and Angie was trying to get him to calm down.

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