[This story contains the identity of the celebrity eliminated from Tuesday’s episode of Fox’s The Masked Singer.]

The penultimate episode of The Masked Singer saw not one but two major unmaskings — season-long standouts Rabbit, who turned out to be former NSync member Joey Fatone, and Lion, who turned out to be Empire guest star Rumer Willis.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Fatone after his elimination to find out how he chose his clues, what he thought about the Internet’s guesses, and just how method he planned to go with the rabbit-in-a-straitjacket costume.

You’ve been keeping this secret for months, but who did you end up telling?

It’s been pretty tight-lipped. I did tell my parents, and of course my manager knew, and a few close friends knew. But I’ve had so many people ask me and so many fans — and then it would have to be the craziest time because obviously I was doing a promotion for Common Knowledge for Game Show Network, when Masked Singer just came out, and after episode two or whatever. Of course, people were like, “You’re the Rabbit, you’re the Rabbit, you’re the Rabbit.” And I’m like, “No.”

I didn’t know what to say, but honestly I felt like a douche lying to everybody. But it’s one of those things where it’s in good fun. I’m not lying about something tragic or anything like that, or trying to cover up. It was one of the more fun experiences that I’ve ever had on a show, and the weirdest experience just because you were kind of isolated, in the whole realm of things.

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