PORT ST. LUCIE — The talk here at Mets camp, in the wake of a hellacious two-year run that spared few, is of tearing down walls. Breaking down barriers. Speaking a universal language.

Can Adam Guttridge be the Mets’ Abraham Lincoln?

If the fate of the Brodie Van Wagenen Era will be determined by myriad factors, few would dispute the work done by Guttridge and his staff ranks among the most important. The Mets must catch up to the most innovative and industrious of their competitors. Van Wagenen, their new general manager, will lean on Guttridge, his assistant GM for systematic development, to lead that charge.

And the 33-year-old Guttridge’s plan calls for unity: not only of purpose, but also, somewhat concretely, of role.

“What’s scouting? Scouting is the recording of primary information,” Guttridge told The Post on Monday at First Data Field. “It’s turning that information into analyses. It’s taking analyses and synchronizing them into what ultimately becomes judgment.

“What is research, then? Research is the creation or provision of primary data. It’s turning data into analyses, analyses into judgment. That’s going to go on.

“There actually isn’t a difference between analysis and scouting. Scouting is analysis. Analysis is scouting. There’s no space between them.”

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