It’s been a tumultuous ride for Mauro Icardi and Inter Milan over the last few months, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the drama in sight for the controversial striker.

Amid a dispute with management, Icardi has now come under fire from the Inter ‘ultras.’

In a statement following Inter’s 1-1 draw with Roma on Sunday (via¬†Calcio Mercato) the hardcore fans had some choice words for the Argentine.

Not even calling him by his name, instead referring to him as ‘that little man,’ and ‘the number 9,’ the statement says that he has shown no respect, and insinuates he should leave the club.

‘That little man who wears the number 9 does not deserve Inter, because he has not shown even the minimum of professional correctness that any “employee of a company” should demonstrate expressing respect for the shirt, for the public that believes in it or at least for the company he works for.’

Icardi was stripped of the Inter Milan captaincy earlier this year as he held out over his contract renewal. He then claimed he was unfit to play for the team, despite doctors clearing him for action.

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