It is one of life’s everyday frustrations, putting on a jumper only to get too hot and have to take it off again.

But scientists may now have an answer – a self-cooling jumper.

Researchers have created a material which heats up when someone gets too cold.

But it also detects when they are warm enough and releases heat to maintain the perfect temperature.

The clothing is made out of regular wool already used in sportswear but coated with a super-thin layer of conductive metal.

Its creators claim it is far better than breathable sportswear which is already available, altering the body’s temperature by 35 per cent, while existing clothing only manages five per cent.

The material can be washed like a regular jumper and is expected to be only around £4 ($5) more expensive.

Professor Min Ouyang, who helped to create the material from the University of Maryland, said: ‘This material was created with the idea of making sure that someone can remain comfortable.

‘They do not have to take off clothing, then put on clothing, to try to reach a comfortable temperature.

‘If someone is sitting in an office and they feel hot, they don’t need to turn on the air conditioning or change their clothing. This textile can regulate their temperature for them.’

Researchers took wool which is already available and used in performance sportswear as their starting point.

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