‘Think Like a Man’ co-stars Michael Ealy and Meagan Good play a couple whose dream home comes with a built-in stalker (Dennis Quaid).

An important cautionary tale about the dangers of buying homes whose owners aren’t ready to part with them, Deon Taylor’s The Intruder should definitely be seen by all one-percenters considering plunking $3.3 million down for properties in Napa Valley. Whether anybody else should see it is a question of the viewer’s enthusiasm for domestic stalker pics: A cookie-cutter thriller that takes its time getting to the (sorta) good stuff, it’s for die-hards only.

Michael Ealy and Meagan Good, who both starred in Think Like a Man and its sequel, play Scott and Annie Howard. He’s “the number-one earner” at a San Francisco marketing firm; she writes the occasional magazine article and daydreams about a home far from the city where they can raise kids. So they go shopping in wine country.

They find a gorgeous property whose owner, an empty-nest widower named Charlie (Dennis Quaid), clearly has put his soul into every strip of caulk and musty bit of decor. The estate is called Foxglove, and when Annie asks, “Foxglove is poisonous, isn’t it?” Charlie cheerfully replies, “Highly.”

That evidently seals the deal, as our heroes are soon at the place with a crew of movers. But days after they’ve christened their new home with a slow-jam makeout, Charlie is still dropping by unannounced at inconvenient moments. He gets the riding lawnmower out of the garage when he thinks the grass is too high; he brings potting soil when local deer have gone on a garden-munching rampage. Wasn’t this guy supposed to have moved to Florida?

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