He took to Twitter to apologise to his fans about the uncomfortable The Inbetweeners reunion special that aired on New Year’s Day.

And star of the comedy James Buckley has discussed it once again, chatting on his podcast Completed It, Mate about how he felt like a ‘f**king idiot’ during it and can’t bring himself to watch it back.

James – who played Jay Cartwright on the Channel 4 comedy – reflected on the chat show format of the one-off, which was hosted by Jimmy Carr.

The 31-year-old said: ‘It became a thing that wasn’t a celebration of this good thing I did in my life, it was me being taken the p**s out of for hours on end.

‘I didn’t have the personality or the intelligence to cope with it, especially when you’re up against someone like Jimmy Carr, who’s super quick and super funny. So I come across as a complete moron through the whole thing.

‘I got caught where I was acting up as Jay because there was an audience there of Inbetweeners fans and I got caught in this spot between Jay and myself where myself was going, “You’re acting like a f**king idiot, you’re being a moron, you’re being a d**k”. And there was this bit where it was like, “Well they’re all here and they want you to be Jay, so do it.”

‘When the audience was there, I didn’t want to seem like a stick in the mud.’

Fans of the show – which was also made into a movie and its sequel – and critics blasted the reunion due to the format of it – with many hoping that it was to be a continuation of The Inbetweeners’ story.

‘I didn’t want to go, “Can we stop for a second because I don’t know what the f**k’s going on here – you’re talking to me like I’m Jay from The Inbetweeners. I’m really not”,’ James went on. ‘So that was another one of the reasons why it was a disaster.’ 

He appeared alongside his co-stars – Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison and Simon Bird – but the fact that they were flummoxed by the format made it seem like they didn’t like one another. 

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